launch i love: the portrait pop-up

Happy Tuesday! I’m excited to continue my Launch I Love series onto my new blog and highlight something really cool my friend & SF photographer, Tory is doing! Tory shot my SF bridal shower & our SF wedding reception and a few months ago, she launched a fun ongoing event series called  The Portrait Pop-Up.

Here’s how it works: The Portrait Pop-up allows people to have a mini portrait session at a pop-up event in fun and different venues around the city. Tory started this to make high-quality portrait and headshot photos more accessible and frankly, better! I remember getting a corporate headshot done at my first job and it was so blah and bland and boring! Tory’s goal is for everyone to have a photo of themselves that looks professional, while capturing who the person is in an authentic, natural way. Attendees simply purchase a ticket to the Portrait Pop-up and show up…from there, they will take a few photos with Tory, plus food, drinks and fun onsite!

This Saturday 11/21 morning, she’s hosting a pop-up at my all-time favorite coffee shop in the city, Stable Cafe. The next pop-up will take place on Saturday 12/5 morning at an amazing Breather location in the city in partnership with my bestie, Aimee! You can get 20% off your ticket to either event using the discount code luckyandi – just make sure to sign up by Thursday before each event. You can get tickets HERE.
Trust me on this – you won’t be disappointed with the photo(s) that Tory sends you after your session! I have several photos she has snapped of me and I’m always amazed at how uniquely me each photo is. She really has a talent for capturing people and bringing out their true personality in each photo. She snapped this one from our SF wedding reception {with a flower crown #obv} and I love it!

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