launch i love: 10-day health challenge

10 day health challenge

i’ve shared about my awesome, inspiring and uber-healthy friend claudine before and had the awesome opportunity to catch up with her recently. she’s a personal chef here in the bay area and truly a ray of sunshine in my life. every time we spend together i feel healthier and happier just from talking to her!

along with her good friend haley from 18grains, she recently launched a monthly 10-day health challenge. it’s totally launch i love worthy – i’m so into it! here’s the overview: you get a b-e-a-utiful ebook {seriously – it’s really pretty!} that shares cleaning eating tips, plus claudine’s perfect pantry makeover. it includes a complete grocery list, easy-to-follow and prepare recipes for the week and whole food meal plans. the whole point is that it isn’t a cleanse, but an opportunity to understand what foods should go into your body and take action to improve your life and eating habits. this 10-day health challenge really allows you to be educated about what you should and shouldn’t be putting into your body and inspire you to change your eating habits in a good way. i also love the encouragement aspect of the challenge; when you sign-up, you will receive an uplifting, inspiring email each day encouraging you to eat your best and live your best life possible in that day.

the best part is that this isn’t just for people in the bay area! anyone, anywhere can sign up for the 10-day health challenge and get the ebook and daily email inspiration.

sadly, i can’t do this month’s 10-day health challenge because i’ll be out of town for two trips in the next few days {and likely eating chicago style pizza….} but i’m definitely doing this in november! check it out and sign up/learn more here.

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