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Hello, hello! I’ve shared a few photos of our Nashville house here on my blog and also on Instagram, but I’m hoping to also share individual posts showing you different rooms! Today, I’m going to share some photos of one corner in our living room. ✨

Wayfair reached out to me and asked me to share how I was doing a little design refresh in the New Year. I’ve been in a constant design refresh pretty much since we moved in October, BUT was super excited to work with Wayfair to really make our living room feel more finished and streamlined! I’ve been partnering with Wayfair for years (see previous posts) and also have already purchased things for our new home from Wayfair in last couple of months — our bedframe and our entryway bench.

The living room looks completely different than it did during the first two months here. We originally had our old couch from San Francisco in the living room, but moved it upstairs to our TV room/den area after 1) buying a new couch from Article and 2) having a plumber remove a pipe in our stairwell so the couch would fit up there – LONG STORY. We had a different rug in this room, but recently added a new, larger one in the living room which is much more comfortable and “playable” (that’s a word, right?) 😜I loved the new couch and the new rug, but I felt like something was missing in our living room. 

I knew that a coffee table would help ground the room and make it appear more ‘finished’, but I was struggling with options. Since our couch is in an L-shape (with the ottoman), we had limited space to work with. I wanted something round or oval, so that I didn’t have to worry about baby-proofing sharp corners. I wanted something modern, but not too modern. I didn’t want a wood table, because we already have the dark wood from the fireplace and the main window trim and I didn’t want to darken the space. Size was also a concern because I didn’t want the coffee table to take up too much space (since we sit on and play on the floor a lot), but I didn’t want it to look too small and awkward. Yes, my husband was incredibly annoyed with me by all of my restrictions. 😹I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for from Wayfair – the marble Hower coffee table.

I am OBSESSED with the table! It was affordable, but looks really expensive. The top is made of marble/granite and the size is truly perfect in our space! Lucy also LOVES the table and spends so much time every day just walking herself around the table. 💛Not only does the table look good, but it’s functional and nice to have a place to set down coffee/tea/wine glasses etc (because yes, up until 2 weeks ago, the only option was the floor 😅).

The table really makes this little corner of our living room feel so much more complete and refreshed! 

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2 thoughts on “living room refresh with wayfair

  1. Everything looks beautiful!! The rug looks like something I’d want to sit on instead of a couch. Going to go shopping for that one! 🙂