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I’m always redecorating and tweaking different corners of our home. Not because I don’t like the way it looks or because it isn’t functioning well, but because switching things out and moving things around gives a new life to a room and feels really refreshing. I ordered these chairs from Wayfair originally for our family room (the one with the statement green accent wall) and while they worked okay, I  didn’t love it. So on a whim, I decided to move them into our front living room and I’m really loving how they look (and function!) in here.

I love how the light fabric (I ordered the linen color) and the cane detailing adds some brightness to the room, which has quite a bit of darker, modern accents with the fireplace, rug, and the statement chandelier. I usually keep one of two of the poufs from my shop in front, which can act as a makeshift coffee table or a comfy place to put your feet up. Even more so than the aesethic, I love having more seating options in this room, and we often are sitting here to have a cup of coffee while the girls play in here. I ordered the set of two, but the chairs also are sold individually!

One quick tip when shopping on Wayfair – I *always* sort products by customer reviews. There are SO many products on there that filtering my four and five star reviews *only* really helps the search feel more manageable. This chair set had 250+ five star reviews (plus photos!) which ultimately helped me select these for our home!

This living room has really changed a lot in the almost three years we’ve been here — we’ve changed the chandelier twice, added the built-in shelves and window bench, swapped the rug out at least five times (I am basically a rug hoarder!), replaced our mid-century modern sofa for a boucle Scandinavian-inspired curved sofa, and probably a lot more things I’m not remembering. I really just love this special room in our home!


Chairs (Individual, Set of 2)

Black Three Arm Ceiling Lamp (and another similar version)

Blueish Rug

Pillows: SaroTarynMisto StripeHyden StripeSatori StripeMarklin Stripe

Art Print

Jug Vase

Striped Planter

Coffee Table Books shared in THIS POST!



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