Lovely Links

It’s been one of those I’m-being-bombarded-by-awesome-Internet-goodness kind of weeks. My Facebook and Twitter feeds were bursting with goodness and a few friends passed along some awesome articles via email. I love when that happens! Here’s a few of my favorite links this week.

Enjoy your weekend! xo

The cutest {new-to-me} fashion blog

A unique look at dating

Pausing to wonder and delight in the simple things {this one made me cry}

Quit worrying about the number on the scale.

What are you living for? From the always awesome Francis Chan

Nearly half of of Xers say they feel stalled in their careers

30 Under 30 {Awesome list of inspiring San Franciscans}

Inspired by pink these days {and loving my new pink cherie MaryKay lipstick!}

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