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i am at the point in life where when friday comes along, i am ecstatic. like full blown EXCITED. i guess i felt this way before, but now i think i value those precious 48 hours a little bit more. this weekend, i’m excited to spend time on a mini trip to santa cruz, finally drink coffee {no more juice cleanse!} and get some weekend reading in. if you’re looking to read some awesome stuff, here’s a few of my favorites from the week. hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

caity’s lovely look on positivity

the moments before your ‘big’ instagram-worthy moments

i want this apartment {also awesome interview with everygirl!}

“no number will ever make my life complete, allow me to love myself or solve all other problems I’ve created. there will never be a ‘perfect time’ to change….and work on one’s self will never be finished. my body will never be perfect, neither will my personality, relationships, home or hobbies. there will always be room for growth and improvement, but growth can only occur long term when you have the grace to forgive yourself and the continued desire for something better.” – beauty and honesty from bethany

omg! peter pilotto for target. gimme everything!

23 things to do instead of getting engaged – hilarious. {engaged/married friends, i love you but this is too good!}

live in sf? you’ll appreciate this juice bar map!

8 people who should be kicked off Facebook

yum! quinoa and kale salad recipe

why you shouldn’t stop dating {even when you’re married!}

elsie of a beautiful mess on social networks: “find the channels that play to your strengths. if you don’t like blogging, don’t blog. a lot of people start blogs, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages that they don’t update, or even worse: they update them but aren’t having fun. If you don’t like doing something, you won’t be good at it. Choose social outlets that are fun for you.”

before you turn 30, here’s some things to do.

image found here.

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