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weekend, weekend, weekend! okay…i know we still have two more days to go, but still. i’m excited! anyway, i wanted to share a few favorite finds from the internet this week in case you have a free few minutes to read today. most of all, what i’m trying to do is e-n-j-o-y each moment of my day today, rather than trudge and endure through it. i think it’s easier said than done, but i’m hoping to be ruled by peace and contentment and take whatever happens as it comes. join me? xo

old fashion dating habits that should happen again

25 people on what they wish they knew at 25 years old

stop sitting!

what do you get as the perfect wedding gift? {also: giveaway!}

how to blow dry your hair

fun art prints via etsy {also photo credit to the above pic!}

i can’t stop making {and of course, researching new recipes for} granola!

do i want to get a long bob?

adding THIS to my must-make-this-soon! list

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