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Collect Moments Not Things

this weekend, i am hoping to collect moments. okay, i know that sounds SO cliché, but here’s what i mean by that: i want to be really intentional about being present in each moment, focus on the people around me, embrace the good and happy and lovely little things that happen too often, but are sadly overlooked. i want to do new things and explore and at the same time, soak up moments that happen often {coffee at b. patisserie, leisurely walks around the neighborhood, cooking sunday night dinner}.

in case you’re looking for a little weekend reading, here’s a few of my favorites as of late. xo!

awesome TED talk about happiness habits

the most beautiful small towns in the world {as a small town girl myself, loved seeing these adorable quaint places!}

#girlpower: women changing the way we shop online

love this oversized lilac coat for fall!

hoping i get to go back to plow for breakfast again soon…

client feedback on the creation of the world {the agency girl in me laughed out loud at this one}

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