I have some exciting news! I’ve launched my own social media, digital marketing and creative shop – Lucky Collective. I’ve wanted to work for myself for a really long time and one main reason was to have more control of my work/life balance and have flexibility to work on what I want and when I want. I chose the word collective because it’s a word that implies bringing together – and that’s what I want to do – bring together amazing people with different skills and talents to do awesome work. My own specialities are social media marketing, event planning, influencer activations and the like, but ultimately, I want to be able to pull in other people with different talents, like PR and graphic design, to work together with me! One of my favorite things to do is to connect people to one another, and I’m excited about this career adventure that *hopefully* will let me do more of that, both personally and professionally!

If you know any brands, businesses or individuals who need help with all things digital marketing – keep me in mind. My work email is and here’s my full site:!

Huge thank you to my good friends Renee for designing the site and Brian for all of his coding/behind-the-scenes magic. <3

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