reflections: December 2021 pandemic reflections

I often share quick reflections over on my Instagram (#luckyandireflections) but want to re-share them on my blog too, so they have a more permanent place to live.

I miss library storytime,
the art museum,
YMCA childcare,
aimless strolls around Target,
weekday play dates,
the Sunday afternoon singalong,
playground meetups,
anything to break up the mundane of motherhood.

I miss my friends
friends down the street,
on the other side of town,
across the country,
around the world.

I miss birthday parties,
baby showers,
girls’ weekends,
holiday gatherings,
all types of celebrations
but mostly,

I miss cozy, crowded restaurants,
working from coffee shops,
popping into little shops,
wandering around
for no reason.

I miss traveling,
the excitement of planning,
the busy airport,
the long lines,
stressful travel days,
the magic of exploring a new place.

I miss predictability,
alone time.

I miss being able to do anything
without calculating
if it’s safe or worth the risk beforehand,
without being extra cautious during,
without second guessing myself after.

I miss all of this
and also
am grateful
for health
for my family
for safety
for being
here at home 🤍


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