i think most girls love flowers, but i would say i’m particularly obsessed. the flower market is my happy place and just seeing blooms – whether at a shop, on the street, in my apartment in vase, brightens my day. i’ve started tagging my flower pics on instagram with #luckyblooms because i love being able to go back and scroll through that hashtag and see all the bright, colorful beauty. today, i wanted to share some pics of a spot i always used to keep flowers in my old bedroom. i had a wicker truck that i used as a nightstand in between my bed and bookshelf and that seemed to be the perfect place to house my blooms. i loved snapping pics of the flowers on the nightstand and seeing how the photos looked similar, yet completely different because of the flowers! the photos make me particularly happy because each reminds me of a story or memory – that top photos with three bouquets is right after we got engaged, the purple flowers are actually wildflowers i found in a nearby park, the huge baby’s breath was a farmer’s market find {i snagged the last bouquet!}.

what’s your favorite flower?

i’ll echo claude monet’s simple statement: “i must have flowers, always, and always.”

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