lucy meets winnie (and more hospital photos)

A few weeks ago, I shared Winnie’s birth story and today, I wanted to share our ‘Fresh 48’ session in the hospital. It was actually more like a ‘Fresh 24’ as these photos were snapped Friday morning, 18 or so hours after little Winnie’s grand entrance into the world! These photos mean so much to me and I’m soo glad we had these moments captured. My mom brought Lucy into the hospital to meet Winnie and it was such a sweet moment. When Winnie cried, Lucy wanted to give her her “hop hop” (bunny). And then again when Lucy left, she wanted to leave her “hop hop” with baby sister. CUE ALL THE TEARS. These videos of those first few moments together will always be super magical and I often rewatch the videos over and over again.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from Lucy meeting Winnie and our ‘Fresh 48’ session!

By the way, I’m wearing a Dwell & Slumber gown and Winnie is wearing Kickee Pants pajamas with this Ellie Funday swaddle. Lucy is wearing this Quincy Mae dress with a Zara cardigan. All photos by Whit Marie Photography

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