May Resolutions

Will someone please tell me how it is already MAY? Wasn’t it just Christmas and then just February and then just April? The older I get the faster time goes by – or at least the more conscious I am of how quickly those minutes dissolve.

I haven’t shared a monthly resolutions post since January and think it’s time I press the reset button on sharing these monthly goals and aspirations. Some are silly and little and day-to-day decisions I just need to make; others are deep and require much more digging into my heart and mind. Anyway, here are the nine things I’m working on in May.

1. Quit checking phone
We live in a technology craved culture. Everyone spends their days and nights glued to a computer screen, tablet or phone and lately, I’ve been too obsessed. I find myself constantly checking gmail, Twitter and Instagram and…why? What’s the point? This month I’m trying to take a step back and check my phone on a need-to basis; and rely only on email and social networks for what they are meant for: connecting; not obsessing. This blog post is a must read if you’re in a similar situation!

2. Dig deeper into community
Connecting with people who believe the same thing I do is important and something that often falls off my radar in my rushed days and weeks. Even when it feels awkward and forced, I want to truly dig deeper into community and meet people who I can be myself with, open up with and pour my heart out to.

3. Uncross arms
Yeah. I do this too much and it’s not cool. Trying to stop this bad habit ASAP!

4. Begin today
“I can do this tomorrow or next week or next year.” I have repeated the same lines to myself over and over and I’m just sick of it. There are so many things I want to do and experiences I want to have and I often put them in the future category, when they really could and should fall in the today category. I’m going to begin today, right now.

5. Start each day cheerfully
There’s nothing quite like starting mornings off on the right foot and I consistently find that my entire day is better when the morning begins cheerfully. A few things I do {not all at once} to begin my day cheerfully include: journalling, doing yoga, going on a walk, sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before I get ready, stretching. The most important thing for me each morning is to not be rushed. This allows me to start the day serenely and optimistically, which in turn, often lasts throughout the entire day.

6. More Pilates!
Taking a hiatus from being a gym rat to go to more pilates classes. Why? Because I enjoy it. I feel great afterwards and it’s a different time of calm, energized and empowered feeling that I don’t often get from the elliptical.

7. Outfit experiment
I’m sick of wearing the same things every day. I have a closet full of clothes and need to actually mix my routine up and start incorporating new items in there! New meaning: new to seeing the light of day.

8. Laugh and cry hard and real
Laughing and crying are two of the surest ways to show your emotion. Laughing for me equals happiness, silliness, joy and lightheartedness. Crying can, of course, be happy but often means I’m frustrated, depleted, hurt and broken. Rather than shake these two things off, I want to make sure I am being real and actually feeling the laughs and feeling the cries.

9. Love always
No matter how crazy and stressful and hard and sad my day may be, love always wins. This is promise I’m clinging to because frankly, there is no other way for me to survive. This month I’m trying to love others by choosing to be patient, kind, forgiving, encouraging, humble, hospitable, caring, compassionate and respectful. I’m choosing to love if when it’s messy and difficult and view love as the fountain that never ends.

Your turn! What are you working on this month?

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