Meal Routines

Some people, like my sister Hope, crave steak for dinner, followed by ice cream and brownies for dessert. Some people enjoy salads as a “pre-meal” or only eat salad on “fat days” when they feel forced to eat healthy. I am quite the opposite. Salads are a staple in my “diet” and I am constantly excited try new ones, enjoy constant favorites (like the fourth one pictured from Atrias in Pittsburgh) and make them on my own. As much as I love them, it sometimes can get boring and bland, so I have to mix-it-up and experiment! Part of my summer routine includes making a crazy salad every night for dinner. Recent additions to my delicious salad mix include: PEPPERS (all colors, always), corn, fresh mozzarella, avocado, fruit (berries usually!) and Wheat thins. A few beauties:

Salad w/ a mess of parm cheese, wheat thins & mass veggies
Spinach w/ red onion, potato, red onion, almonds
New obsession: poppyseed dressing
Beautiful ATRIAS salad w/ chx, strawberries, feta
Mah girl Aimee’s lunch creation!

As constant as my salad routine is, I also maintain the same for my breakfast choices. Coffee is a must; flavored creamer. Iced or hot. I’m a firm believer in the quote “A morning without coffee is like sleep.” The rest of my breakfast is usually a jumbled mess of yogurt, various fruit and granola. Favorites below:

Blackberries, granola, hazelnut coffee
Bananas, strawberries, Special K mixed w/ vanilla yog. Hot coffee (served in Mom’s cute mug)
Iced coffee! With bananas, strawberry yogurt & granola

Below are a few more pictures from other favorite food creations or restaurant pics. That amazing salad bar can be found at Goddess and the Grocer downtown Chicago and the flatbread pizza was a recent pick at Chef Geoff’s when I visited DC this past weekend. These are a little break from my meal routines at home, but were nothing less than excellent and delicious.

Mini pitas, garlic hummus, mashed red/green/yellow peppers, black beans, corn, onion on top
Check out this salad bar!
YUM. Need you.
Airport necessities. String cheese w/ snack-size Sabra & pretzel crisps
Flatbread pizza w/ fresh mozz, fontina, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes

What are “staples” when it comes to meals this summer? How do you mix up your meals so you don’t get bored with what you’re eating?

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