The Black & White Pillow Edit

I wanted to share some black and white Moroccan pillows available in my shop! As a quick refresher, I started my online shop a few years ago, sourcing and selling one of a kind Moroccan home goods, like pillows, poufs, ceramics, blankets, rugs, and more.

Every single pillow in my shop is handmade in Morocco and completely unique. Today, I wanted to highlight some gorgeous black and white pillow options. And a quick reminder that you can easily filter products by color (as well as material, size, price, etc.)

And, you can use the discount code LUCKY20 for 20% off anything in my online shop!

From top left clockwise:

909 Kilim Pillow

Black & White Checkered Beni Ourain Pillow

896 Kilim Pillow

574 Kilim Pillow 

898 Kilim Pillow

872 Kilim Pillow

509 Beni Ourain Pillow

795 Kilim Pillow


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