My Favorite COMFY “Underthings”

Hi friends! A few months ago I asked for your favorite underwear recommendations and got sooo many great responses and feedback! After a year of being home and even now, I’ve found a newfound love of all things lounge-y and cozy. Pandemic + pregnancy + postpartum means that I  am ALL about being comfortable, especially for my “underthings.” I  literally can’t wear a lacy thong or fancy bra anymore for more than an hour without wanting to be back in my comfies. So, today I  wanted to share some of my favorite *comfortable* underthings! In this blog post you will not find the sexiest or the trendiest items by any means, but everything below I OWN and can attest — they are comfortable and things I  wear or have worn over and over again.

I have this organized by 1) regular bras + undies 2) maternity/pregnancy and 3) period underthings. Hope this is helpful! xo


Everlane Undies (High Rise Hipster + High Rise Thong) – I  ordered these after many recommendations and have since ordered more pairs. I like that they are simple and no show. They are just comfier than other undies I  have, although there are some pairs from Aerie + Target’s Auden line that I  like too.

Bandeau Bra – finding a COMFY strapless bra can be tough to find. A lot of people recommended this SKIMS “fits everybody” bandeau bra.

UNIQLO Relax Wireless Bra – this is SO comfortable! This could really go in the pregnancy/nursing section because I  wore it during both phases of life, and honestly preferred this over traditional nursing bras

True+Co Wireless Bra – This is shaped like a normal bra, but is wireless and super comfy and seamless. Really love!

Aerie Lace Plunge Bralette – I  have soooo many Aerie bralettes and they are awesome and affordable. This lace plunge bralette is subtly sexy but still vvvv comfy (obviously important). I  also like that the straps are adjustable. I have two!

ARQ Bra + High-Rise Undie Sets – I only have one set but love love love both the bra and the undies. I’ll wear the set by itself just lounging around the house or to bed, and the bra and/or undies under regular clothes doing ‘normal’ things. They come in so many cute colors!

Set of 3 Under Shorts – I just ordered these shorts to wear under dresses! Especially short dresses…shorts are a must for me. They are seamless and really comfortable!

Free People Happiness Runs Crop – I have two of these — I wear them as bras, as workout tops, as pjs, really for everything.


Nursing & Sleep Bra – I  had this and wore it regularly. Super comfortable and easy to nurse in. Kindred Bravely has great, cozy pregnancy and postpartum pjs too!

Everyday Nursing + Maternity Bra – cozy, comfortable, easy. Wore it during both pregnancies and postpartum phases.

Full Cup Nursing Bra – I used this while breastfeeding both Lucy and Winnie, which means I’ve had it for 3 years now! This one has a bit more structure and coverage so I’d wear this under ‘regular’ clothes and not just pjs/comfy postpartum lounge clothes.

Postpartum Undies – wore these for literally a full year after having Winnie. Clearly I  liked them if I was wearing one year postpartum.  😂


Period Sleep Shorts – BIG FAN of these. There is nothing worse than bleeding on your sheets during your period – such a bummer. I  really don’t like wearing a bulky pad to bed during my period, and I’ve never felt comfortable wearing a tampon for that long (right??). These period sleep shorts are basically shorts with period undies built-in and have the absorbency of FIVE tampons.

Period Undies (Super High Waist, Super Hiphugger, Thong) – I ‘m about 3-4 months into saying goodbye to tampons and pads and instead wearing ‘period undies.’ I  was skeptical at first because…how does it work?! but it’s been so great. I wear the undies all day during my period, rinse them, and then put in the washing machine with everything else. Super easy and the undies themselves are comfortable, plus no leaking/staining.


Everlane Undies – High Rise Hipster

Free People Happiness Runs Crop

True+Co Wireless Bra

Set of 3 Under Shorts

ARQ Bra + High-Rise Undie Sets

Aerie Lace Plunge Bralette

UNIQLO Relax Wireless Bra

Bandeau Bra

Everlane Undies – High Rise Thong

Postpartum Undies 

Everyday Nursing + Maternity Bra

Full Cup Nursing Bra

Nursing & Sleep Bra

Period Sleep Shorts

Period Undies (Super High Waist)


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