Nuuly: My Experience, Review + Things to Know!

This blog post is not sponsored/gifted. I pay for my Nuuly subscription and just wanted to share my honest thoughts! I  do have the regular ‘refer a friend’ option – you can use THIS LINK to get $10 off your first box!

I shared a few months ago that I’m on a ✨journey✨ to love what I wear again! To dress my body (the one I have right now) in a way that feels good. To find joy in getting dressed and expressing myself in that way. For so long in my life, getting dressed was such a fun creative expression and brought me so much joy and I’ve really missed that!

But let me back up. Over the last few years, I’ve struggled with clothes and style and body changes. My body has gone through lots of changes — two pregnancies, nursing for 2+ years, pandemic weight fluctuation — and just regular, *normal* body changes that just happen from age and life. My old clothes don’t fit the way they used to. The sizes that used to be “my true size” just…aren’t anymore. It’s easy to let that affect what I choose to wear and, if I don’t catch myself, my mood for the day, or even more troubling, my perception of my value and worth.

For so long, clothes have been about function — does it fit me right now? Is it easy to walk in / nurse in / play with kids in? And that was enough and right for me in that season of life. For so long, clothes were all about comfort — staying home for months meant lots of sweatpants and cozy clothes. And that was enough and right for me that season of life. For so long, I’ve focused on and was annoyed by “what didn’t work” for my body and/or phase of life rather than finding items that do. For so long, I’ve critiqued and minimized my body rather than accept and celebrate it. For so long, I’ve put personal style and creativity via what I wear on the backburner. And, I’m ready for that to change. 💛

One of the ways I’ve had SO much more fun with style and personal expression is by trying (for the first time!) a rental subscription service called NUULY!

I’ve had friends rave about Nuuly (and other rental subscription services like Rent the Runway) and decided to give it a try for the first time in February. This felt like a great time to try it out as we had two big trips to Turks and Caicos and Iceland within a month. Nuuly is under the Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People umbrella, so there are all of those brands within the service, but hundreds of other brands too! For so long, I  thought that these services were only valuable for travel/vacation or special occasions OR for people who worked in the office and needed ‘professional clothes.’ And yes, Nuuly would be great for all of those reasons, but it’s also been so great for my ‘regular’ mom life / work from home lifestyle.

Outside of allowing me to express myself creatively via my clothes, I’ve loved that Nuuly allows me to discover new-to-me brands AND I  actually end up shopping/spending less money than usual. I’ve really just been delighted by my experience, which is why I  wanted to share. 💛


As mentioned earlier, we had two big trips so I  thought it would be a good time to try Nuuly! I picked out a gorgeous colorful dress (obsessed) and swim cover-up for Turks and Caicos and a Free People sweater, two jackets/pullovers and a big coat for Iceland. I really liked everything in the box! The swim cover-up did have hole, but customer support was quick to help me when I  reached out  (refunded me $15 AND gave me an extra item in my next box). I  ended up not bringing the big coat to Iceland, but wore the other three items on that trip 3-4 times each!


In my second Nuuly box, I  did a random assortment of items! I picked an incredible cheetah Farm Rio dress, a Free People denim top and striped button up, gorgeous printed coveralls, a pair of pants, and a sweater.  I got so many compliments on everything from the box every single time I wore it (always extra nice for words of affirmation people like me! 🙊). I wore everything, but the Farm Rio dress and the denim top with a statement collar were definitely my favorites!  I  almost bought them actually, but decided not to because… one reason for me to do Nuuly is to NOT buy more things!


For my third Nuuly box, I picked more everyday items to wear! We had no trips or big events, so I went slightly more casual and got items I  could mix and match with items I  already have and could wear in my day-to-day life. I  picked a Free People vest, a casual and colorful Farm Rio dress, a floral long sleeve top, maroon cropped coveralls, a pullover (my first super casual/almost sporty item – loved it!), and a white dress. I’ve worn everything multiple times, minus the white dress! The original white dress I  picked was a midi length and after I  placed the order, it wasn’t available so they credited my account (so I’ll get 7 items next month) and swapped for a shorter version of the dress. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t fit in the chest. Other than that, I LOVE everything from box three and have gotten compliments on every single things I’ve worn!


SIGNING UP / SUBSCRIPTION:  The day you first subscribe for your first Nuuly box is your official subscription date. Unless you pause/cancel, you’ll be charged on that same date each month.  Looking back, I  would have signed up on the 1st of the month to make it easier to remember, but I’ve made it work. You can’t change your subscription date, FYI!

SHIPPING: After you place your order, items are processed and shipped within 5 business days. For me, it’s been closer to three days! Your items are shipped to you in a recycled, reusable Nuuly box/bag with a return label. When it’s time to send items back, just put the return label on the box and drop off at UPS. Once the box is scanned by UPS, your next Nuuly box is unlocked and you can place your next rental order.

COST: $88/month which includes SIX items. There are no late fees or damage fees and you can pause/cancel anytime. You can use THIS LINK to get $10 off your first box!

WEBSITE/APP: It’s just personal preference, but I like to use the Nuuly app vs the website, and will save items to my ‘closet’ that look interesting/cute throughout the month. You can filter by brand, style, newness, occasion, price, curated collection, etc. The Nuuly reviews are also SO helpful. There’s a ton of info from real people sharing photos in the items, their sizing, etc. I  always read the reviews before selecting items!

LOGISTICS: I set a calendar invite two days before my subscription date reminding me ship back my items!

Alright that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions!

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