One Good Deed a Day

When is the last time you went out of your way to do something nice for someone? Sometimes {I hate to admit it} I go far too long without showing random acts of kindness to other people. I’ve been flipping through the One Good Deed a Day journal after I purchased it for my blog giveaway and am reminded just how e-a-s-y it is to be kind and bless other people – and yourself! The journal offers 365 suggestions on ways to show compassion and encourages you to focus on one action every day and check it off your list after you complete it.

Looking for a few quick suggestions? Spend no money today, tell a friend she’s beautiful, be quick to apologize, write a postcard to a long-lost friend, thank your bus driver, set high expectations, say hello to a stranger, mend a rift in a friendship, tell your dad something you’re glad about him, thank someone for something.

This journal is super awesome – don’t forget to enter my holiday giveaway {all you have to do is tell me what three things you’re thankful for!} for a chance to win this journal or other awesome goodies! Happy Wednesday!

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3 thoughts on “One Good Deed a Day

  1. This is book is just what I’ve been looking for! The concept is so unique and interesting to me and ever since seeing it featured on your holiday giveaway, I haven’t stopped thinking about it!