outdoor toys we have and love

We, like basically everyone, have been spending a lot more time at home than we ever expected! We are SO thankful for our backyard and spend a lot of time out there, especially when it isn’t *too* hot. I wanted to share a few of our outdoor toys we have and love!


My mom bought Lucy this ride-on toy/bike (brand is YBIKE) about a year and a half ago and it’s gotten a lot of use! She first used it right as she was learning to walk and would waddle around pushing it everywhere. Now, she rides on it like a bike. It’s nice that it’s a transitional “bike” that can be used over multiple years. Can’t believe Winnie will be able to use it soon!

We have this lavender Micro Scooter that’s been so great! Lucy’s been using since right around her 2nd birthday and is getting better/more confident riding it now that she’s two and a half. The Micro brand is super highly rated and people seem to love this scooter — it’s been great for us!

Lastly, we have a BANWOOD First Go! Green Balance Bike that is SO freaking cute! We’d been wanting to get a balance bike for awhile as we’ve read it helps transition to a “real bike” easier without the training wheels step. We were gifted this cream colored bike from Scandiborn, but the silver version  is so cute, too!


We’ve had this wooden swing for about a year and half now! It’s super cute and has held up well. Lucy’s getting a little big for it, and this summer we decided to move the wooden swing to our front yard tree and get this epic web swing. Guys we are OBSESSED. This thing keeps Lucy occupied for SO long. I  love swinging on it by myself, or with Lucy, or holding Winnie (and swinging a little less high!). My mom bought one after visiting us for her house haha. It’s incredible and by far one of the best “toys” we’ve purchased! If you order a web swing, make sure you get tree straps, too!


Apparently buying pools this summer is basically impossible, so I’m so glad we ordered one last summer! We have a cute Minidip pool that we’ve been using alllll the time! One thing that is easier to do is to make up your own water play fun! I’ll set out bowls of water (often adding food coloring for extra fun) and give Lucy a bunch of different measuring cups and stuff to play with. So easy and fun! We also have this little gardening kit that she uses to play in the yard, water rocks/other things in the yard, etc.

I  usually try to limit bright and big plastic toys, but Lucy’s grandparents gifted her this basketball hoop set — and honestly, I’m glad we have it! We have the light pink color which feels a little easier on the eyes than bright green/orange/red and Lucy loves playing with (often from the pool). It’s been a great toy to have this summer!



Winnie is still a little young for a lot of “playing” but she does a lot of lounging while we watch Lucy wiggle around like a wild woman! We’ve had a Dockatot for 2.5 years, and recently got their “Cabana Kit” which basically is a sun / insect protector. It folds into a cute little round bag for easy on-the-go and pops out to attach on the Dockatot. Winnie hangs out in it alllll the time when we are outside, and we’ve brought on many trips to the lake/beach! We also use our Gathre mats (we have two big ones) for playing outside. They are sooo versatile and make a great picnic spot, play area, anything!



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