Musical Pick-Me-Ups

And by pick-me-up, I mean crown polish. But you already knew that. Today I want to post song lyrics and links to the music videos of songs that have motivated me this week and a few constant songs that just simply make me feel happy and refreshed. This week has been a busy and crazy and bangin’ lyrics and a catchy beat are just what I needed today. Start downloading the songs nowww. TOP 5 HIP-HOP & RAP SONGS ON REPEAT 1. Monster by Kanye West, featuring everyone [Jay-Z, Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross] lyrics—You could be the King but watch the Queen conquer […]

College: To do/to have

My main queen Paige sent me this to me yesterday. She only posted a few that mostly related to our friendship and roommate-ness (I feel like I have the right to make up my own words on my blog?) but I decided to find the full list on The Frisky. I also found a list of “30 things to do while in College” from The Examiner. I wanted to list my favorite 15 from the post, and elaborate via italics and photos on how/why they relate to my college experience so far and to many others’ experiences as well. “What Every College Student Should Have” […]

Missing my girls

I’m blogging cozied up in my bed after an amazing weekend, but keep reminiscing on hilarious, ridiculous, beautiful memories with my sisters. I decided to dedicate this post to Kerry, Katie and Hope; the three people I care about more than absolutely anything. It’s been such a privilege to be their oldest sister and watch them grow into the amazing women they are. My girls are the first to correct me when I’m out of line and the last to judge me when I make a mistake. I wish we could live together at home all the time, but being at school has deepened our […]

Home sweet home.

Happy holiday to you! Labor Day is always a random holiday for me because I have no set traditions or plans, but today ended up being productive and mostly enjoyable. I’m definitely loving the time I could spend with my fabulous roommates and queens this weekend. I moved back to Athens on Thursday and into a new house! I was excited about the extra living space in our huge new home. I had only seen the house briefly twice before moving in and my mom and I were both equally annoyed annoyed and shocked at how dirty it was! Ugh. Over the weekend, we’ve transformed […]

Mill St.

“With true friends, even water drunk is sweet enough.” These two pictures make me so happy! These two pictures were taken on September 4th of last year, right before we started our junior year. I thought it would be appropriate to share favorite photos a full year later. Sam and Tess are two of my best friends and this picture always reminds me of warm weather, nonstop laughter and ridiculous adventures.