Finish something that is still unfinished, believe you can DO IT ALL.

Decided to compile simple “Words for Wednesday” quotes all incorporating a white, plain background and some sort of list. From how-to’s to quick refreshing reminders about life, these lists are fantastic. I’m especially loving the lists “How to spend a day” and “Today is the day to…” These quotes/lists/inspirational words were a kick@$$ start to my day and I’m so excited to share! XO Queens For more motivational brain food, check out more WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY blog posts, check out here, here, and here.

Love tights? Me too. (& more)

QUOTE: “ Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” –Earl Nightingale MUSIC “2012” by Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj, “Sundress” by Ben Kweller, “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner (Holllla OU jersey!), “Fancy” by Drake feat. Swizz Beatz & T.I., “Clear the Area” by Imogen Heap FASHION: The November issue of Lucky hit my weak spot and featured 7 tights & […]

Friends, fam, food, fabulousness.

Crown polish updates in my life: HOMECOMING was last weekend at Ohio University, so clearly, I was soaking up life, the amazing fall weather and most importantly: my friends! I love this roommate pic of Ashley, Tess, Band I (Amber will be photoshopped in shortly). My NYC queenie Caitlin sent me three B-E-A-U-Tiful articles of clothing from a sample sale at her job @ Saks. Can’t wait to post pictures of this ridiculous black dress w/ zippers up both sides, an All Saints cape, and the coziest off-the-shoulder sweater dress. My #1 queen Paigers accidentally left her fabulous Michael Korsheels here the weekend she came […]

Purple is for everyday.

Proud to wear purple today! Everyone should check out the article “Purple is for everyday.” because it explains the importance of wearing purple today, but how vital it is to “wear” purple all the time. Check it out! Today, Wednesday, October 20, 2010 marks “Spirit Day” in response and honor to the many students who have recently committed suicide from LGBT bullying. Tyler Clementi was one student who committed suicide after his roommate posted a live-stream video online of Tyler allegedly having sex with another man. Sadly, Tyler is not the only person who had this experience and chose to end his own life because of it. […]

Words for Wednesday!

If you’re like me, you might need a little inspirational brain food this morning. I thought these quotes were just the right fit. Enjoy your Hump Day! XO


I usually can’t even last an entire sporting event without getting distracted or bored, but there’s one thing I always enjoy….the school (or team?) spirit. I love seeing how people dress up in ridiculous gear and paint themselves to support their team. I love how the crowd comes together as one unified voice…they cheer together as one, often dress the exact same (I remember in high school doing “black outs” where we all wore black…that kind of thing!) and just come together to cheer on their team. While the athletic competition is what most people focus on, I’m usually soaking up the crowd’s energy and […]