Respecting yourself

Why is it so common that when girls get “dumped” or heartbroken they immediately blame themselves? I hate that. Someone I’m really close to was burned pretty bad by a boyfriend recently, and it frustrates me so much how easy it is for girls to switch the blame; and I’ve been guilty of doing the same. “I deserved it”, “I did this wrong”, “I should of done this better”, “I’m not good/pretty/skinny/happy/nice/whatever enough”. No. No. No. That’s not true. I need to slap myself back to reality sometimes and remind myself that no one-regardless of what they may have done-deserves to be treated as insignificant […]


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Reaching out

Good morning world! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Today is a day of transitions for me; my summer job ended this morning and my internship with the Intern Queen ended last Thursday. It feels very strange not rushing around doing work! During my last week interning, Lauren, the founder and CEO of Intern Queen Inc. encouraged the four interns to reach out to everyone we have been in contact with over the summer. This was definitely a push to clear out my e-mail Inbox, but I began the almost never-ending task. I sent e-mails to everyone I’ve worked with since June, whether I had […]

Happiest of Birthdays to Paige!

If you read the first post of my blog, you read how Paige and I sort of “created” our own crown polish and queen ideology. She has been such an inspiration to me and a best friend and sister; I’m thankful for that everyday. Today is her 21st birthday and I decided it would only be appropriate to post some of my favorite pictures of us; beginning with the awkward freshman move-in. So excited to celebrate with her and family/friends this weekend in Pittsburgh! Our friendship has been a bittersweet journey-from being bright-eyed 18-year-olds decorating our dorm, awkward and excited for college adventures to finally […]