Home sweet home.

Happy holiday to you! Labor Day is always a random holiday for me because I have no set traditions or plans, but today ended up being productive and mostly enjoyable. I’m definitely loving the time I could spend with my fabulous roommates and queens this weekend. I moved back to Athens on Thursday and into a new house! I was excited about the extra living space in our huge new home. I had only seen the house briefly twice before moving in and my mom and I were both equally annoyed annoyed and shocked at how dirty it was! Ugh. Over the weekend, we’ve transformed […]

Mill St.

“With true friends, even water drunk is sweet enough.” These two pictures make me so happy! These two pictures were taken on September 4th of last year, right before we started our junior year. I thought it would be appropriate to share favorite photos a full year later. Sam and Tess are two of my best friends and this picture always reminds me of warm weather, nonstop laughter and ridiculous adventures.

My summer: Expectations & Opportunities

I wish I could tell you that this summer was exactly what I expected. That is quite the opposite, but looking back on the twelve week stretch, I’m so happy that my attitude switched about the summer. My dad helped me move out of my beautiful brick-walled apartment in Athens  and back into my parents house four hours away in early June. My girlfriends were scattered for the summer-one staying at OSU, one playing summer volleyball at Kent, one interning for Vera Bradley in Fort Wayne, and so on. Every journalism student that I talked to from school was planning on having a glamourous summer […]

Respecting yourself

Why is it so common that when girls get “dumped” or heartbroken they immediately blame themselves? I hate that. Someone I’m really close to was burned pretty bad by a boyfriend recently, and it frustrates me so much how easy it is for girls to switch the blame; and I’ve been guilty of doing the same. “I deserved it”, “I did this wrong”, “I should of done this better”, “I’m not good/pretty/skinny/happy/nice/whatever enough”. No. No. No. That’s not true. I need to slap myself back to reality sometimes and remind myself that no one-regardless of what they may have done-deserves to be treated as insignificant […]