Happy 4

July 4th has been my FAVORITE holiday for as long as I can remember. I love how everyone comes together all day to celebrate our nation’s birthday with their friends and family. Every year it’s a little different for me because recently I’ve always been in different places with different people over the holiday. This year, I’ve been so content spending the day in the amazing weather with our family friends, eating amazing food and getting excited for the fireworks show (in a few minutes!) Below are some pictures that encompass why I am so in love with this holiday; from patriotic interpretations in the […]

Best crown ever

This crown is cropped into the header of this blog (obviously) but I wanted to show the full picture because it is the most a-mazing thing ever.


Thought I’d capture some amazing foods/drinks I’ve had the past couple of days. Seriously tasted better than the pictures can show! Links: Grand Lux Cafe & John’s Place

Bday queen!

I hope the birthday queen Aimee has a great day! So so excited to celebrate in Chicago this weekend!!!

FWD: What Fathers Day means to me

This was a post from a short blog I kept last summer while I lived in DC. It made me smile today rereading all of the reasons why I appreciate my dad! Absolutely everything I posted last year is how I feel now, but I feel like I have a deeper level of respect and love for my dad now that I am a year older. Enjoy! June 22, 2009 What Fathers Day means to me All day today, I saw families together spending Fathers Day. I think this might be the first Fathers Day that I’m actually not spending with my dad in person. […]

Hi everyone!

Hey! I’m nervous, but here it goes…the first post ever. I feel like I am constantly reading blogs and I’ve dabbled with a few of my own blogs (what up Xanga?)—but I have a  lot of expectations & ideas  for this blog. The reason I’m calling this blog “Polish my crown”  is a combined mix of a situations and stories that have influenced why I think it’s necessary and important to treat yourself like the queen you are. A few years ago, my aunt told me that I needed to treat myself with a high level of respect and dignity and said if I didn’t view myself like a queen, no […]