Bday queen!

I hope the birthday queen Aimee has a great day! So so excited to celebrate in Chicago this weekend!!!

FWD: What Fathers Day means to me

This was a post from a short blog I kept last summer while I lived in DC. It made me smile today rereading all of the reasons why I appreciate my dad! Absolutely everything I posted last year is how I feel now, but I feel like I have a deeper level of respect and love for my dad now that I am a year older. Enjoy! June 22, 2009 What Fathers Day means to me All day today, I saw families together spending Fathers Day. I think this might be the first Fathers Day that I’m actually not spending with my dad in person. […]

Hi everyone!

Hey! I’m nervous, but here it goes…the first post ever. I feel like I am constantly reading blogs and I’ve dabbled with a few of my own blogs (what up Xanga?)—but I have a  lot of expectations & ideas  for this blog. The reason I’m calling this blog “Polish my crown”  is a combined mix of a situations and stories that have influenced why I think it’s necessary and important to treat yourself like the queen you are. A few years ago, my aunt told me that I needed to treat myself with a high level of respect and dignity and said if I didn’t view myself like a queen, no […]