My Go-To Gear for the Beach & Pool

Today, I’m sharing our go-to beach and pool gear, some adorable girls’ swimsuits, and some favorite beach and pool-focused vacations! ☀️👙🐚⛱️

This BAGGU Cloud Bag has been all over the world with me – lots of beach and pool time in multiple countries. While it’s not technically a ‘beach bag’, it’s washable, dries quickly, and holds SO much. We bring this on most vacations because it works great for days at the beach or pool, but doesn’t feel overly ‘beach bag’-like for exploring or going to restaurants

This is my first TikTok-influenced purchase! I just ordered this Bubble Bag for pool days this summer and love it so much! It sits up on its own and holds a good amount, plus comes with a little case to hold your keys, wallet, phone, etc.

These colorful bags are perfect for collecting seashells or beach treasures, and the girls fill them with little toys/figurines for eating out at restaurants


The girls LOVE these diving gems! They come in a little treasure box and they seem to love these more than the standard diving rings (which we also have and brought on this trip).

This collapsible sand toy set was used daily! It’s super easy and flat to pack in the suitcase, and perfect for beach days. It comes with lots of little pieces for sand play, but everything fits in the collapsible bucket for easy packing. It also comes with a water bag to easily clean it out. 10/10 recommend this.

These reusable water balloons are a huge hit around here for outdoor play and beach and pool days.


Obviously, when you’re at the beach or pool you need a swimsuit! I’ve had the best luck with Aerie swimsuits over the years. Earlier this spring, I bought this crinkle one-piece swimsuit in red (and it comes in a lot of colors) and it’s so cute and flattering! I also have this bandeau one-piece that I love – the purple color is so pretty! Both are pregnancy-friendly and are pictured below. I also own two You Swim bikinis – they are super flattering, ‘one size fits most’, and come in a ton of colors. But you have to be SUPER careful with them. One of them got stretched out in the chest area because I accidentally dried it, and the other got super discolored from being in a hot tub (chlorine apparently can do that to them). Sigh. I’m not responsible enough for clothing that isn’t easy to wash or take care of, lol.

Before this pregnancy, I had never worn or owned a maternity-specific swimsuit! But I just got this cut-out maternity swimsuit and really like it! I sized up to a large and got the black, but it comes in five colors and is ~$50. I also got this pink one-shoulder cut-out maternity swimsuit (I kept my regular size M), and it’s so cute! Transparency: Both were gifted.

Cover-ups: I usually wear or pack a swim cover-up…I love this Rainbow Crochet Cover-Up Dress and wear it regularly! I also have a shorter version of this gauze cape swim cover-up, and I love it!


XL Reversible Towels – I bought four of these last year and love them so much! They’re super large and plush and cute. They come in a few striped variations including Green/AquaPink/YellowRed/Blue

Hooded Towel Ponchos are a must for beach vacations and pool days! The girls wore these to/from the beach and pool every day. They dry quickly and are super thick and plush. In our experience, they are well worth the money! I actually need to order the next size up for the girls soon. Here’s an affordable hooded towel option for babies sizes 0-3M to 18-24M that a follower raved about!


We use these inflatable bodyboards for the girls when we go to the beach! They are great for playing in shallow water and going on ‘rides’. They roll up small and tight, so they are easy to pack and inflate at your destination.

The girls both have these kids’ sunglasses – they’re affordable, super cute, and come in a bunch of colors!

The girls have these goggles and they’ve worked well for us!

Sunscreen—My favorite sunscreen is Glow Sunscreen (Supergoop). The Elf Whoa Glow is an excellent dupe for $14! For the kids, I prefer using a spray sunscreen for their bodies and a lotion for their face – I’m not super brand loyal. When

I like keeping a rechargeable portable fan in my beach bag to cool off as needed!


I compiled 25+ adorable girls’ swimsuits in this blog post! There are so many cute ones, and many are on sale!


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