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Winnie has been here for two weeks! We’ve been in a sweet, exhausting newborn daze over here and adjusting to our ‘new normal’ as a family of four (five including Jack!). There’s a lot of planning and prepping for what to get the baby during pregnancy, but there seems to be less of an emphasis on what will help the mom during the postpartum period. Our bodies go through A LOT during pregnancy and labor/delivery, and it’s important to take care of it in the weeks (and months) after the baby arrives.

I wanted to share my own postpartum essentials with you! This list is not all-encompassing for every single person‘s postpartum experience, but covers everything that has been helpful and useful to me. There are things on here that I *didn’t* include, because I  haven’t used them (pumping supplies and nipple cream, for example) that some people will definitely need postpartum. Nothing a little 2am Amazon order can’t fix!

This blog post covers things for mama – what I’ve been wearing, breastfeeding supplies, recovery supplies, baby wearing items, etc. If you’re looking for baby recommendations, here’s my baby registry blog post!

Thanks for reading!


BATHROBE – I  have this super soft black robe from Kindred Bravely and another one from Target

SOFT PAJAMAS – You can’t have too many! A few of my current favorites in rotation around here are this sage green long sleeve + leggings set from Kindred Bravely and this soft gray striped long sleeve + shorts set from Target. I’m eyeing this striped set, too!

NURSING BRAS – these are crucial! I  have several, including this scoopback nursing bra from Kindred Bravely, this full coverage one from Storq, this sleep bra set from ASOS, and a few others from Target

SLIPPERS – I’ve been living in these open-toe slippers (from Amazon) and my  LL Bean ‘Wicked Good’ Moccasins

COZY + COMFY LOUNGEWEAR  – a few of my favorite postpartum loungewear pieces from my Storq leggings, the Aerie ‘Play Real Me’ leggings (I  have them in the Black and Relic colors), and Lululemon Align leggings. I also have an old pair of Sweaty Betty joggers that I wear several times a week. In terms of tops, I have some cozy t-shirts and tank tops (Madewell, Old Navy Luxe and Aerie henley tops).I I  also have been wearing a lot of cardigans — they are obviously nice for cooler days, but also for covering up large undies/pads haha. This cardigan from Aerie has been one of my very favorites!

DRESSES – I have been living in my Dwell and Slumber caftan gowns. I first discovered this brand years ago when I  was pregnant with Lucy and LOVE. The dresses are so comfortable and bump AND nursing friendly. They are really cozy but also make me feel a little more put together than just wearing leggings. I  have the Breton Stripe, Desert Rose, and the Valencia Stripe dresses.


 HAAKAA – I   didn’t use one with Lucy, and WOW – this thing is a gamechanger! It’s a suction cup thing that catches your letdown milk. Here’s what you do: as you’re feeding baby on one breast, suction the Haakaa onto the other breast to catch the milk. Then do the same after you switch sides. Pour the milk from Haaka into a milk bag and store in freezer (or use in a bottle). I’ve built a milk stash already and haven’t had to pump at all!

LACTATION TREATS – I’ve been trying the Miracle Milkookies and really really like them (I  prefer the ‘Klean’ ones made with dried cherries – so good). They are supposed to help boost milk supply! There are also a lot of lactation cookie/ball recipes on Pinterest that look fairly easy to make, so I  definitely want to try some of those out!

BREAST PADS – Leaking happens! These bamboo nursing pads are great, easy to wash and better for the environment than disposable options. I also have these leftover disposable breast pads that I’m using, too though!

PUMP THINGS – I haven’t pumped because I  haven’t needed to yet, but I  have a Willow hands-free pump, this manual hand pump, plus the Spectra s2 (from insurance).

BOTTLE THINGS – We haven’t given Winnie a bottle yet but planning to introduce one in the next couple of weeks. We didn’t buy any, given we have SO many bottles that Lucy never took (ComoTomo, Avent Natural and Natursutten). The *only* bottle Lucy ended up taking was the Lansinoh brand, so we have tons of those too.


DISPOSABLE UNDIES – you’re not going to want to wear regular underwear for the first week(s) after having a baby. The hospital will give you some big granny panties which are fine, but my friend sent me the Frida Mom disposable postpartum undies and I  LOVE them. Super supportive and comfortable — highly recommend!

ICE PADS – after a vaginal birth, you will definitely be bleeding for days/weeks so pads are key. Again, the hospital will give you some, but they are HUGE and feel like you’re wearing a massive diaper. My friend also sent me the Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads which are genius. It feels like an ice pack for your nether-region but you don’t have to keep it in the freezer – I  just keep them in my bathroom and fold and open them when I  need. I also made my own DIY ice pads using regular pads, witch hazel, and aloe vera — I  keep those in the freezer and just take them out as needed.

PAD LINERS – the hospital gave me the traditional Tucks pads to tuck into my undies for some relief, but my friend’s care package also included these Frida Mom pad liners. Love that they are super soothing, and have no harsh chemicals (made with witch hazel).

PERI BOTTLE – the hospital will give you one of these, but again, I love the one my friend sent me in a care package – the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle (and no, this post isn’t sponsored by Frida Mom but maybe it should be haha!). The design on this one is upside down making it easier to continuously squirt water in your ~recovering area~ for relief. Highly recommend!


I love love love babywearing! It’s such a sweet bond between mama and baby, and allows you to be hand-free, which is nice for going on walks, playing with toddler or you know, getting *anything* done. My tried and true very favorites are Wildbird ring slings and Solly Baby wraps. Solly Baby just released a new collection and I’m obsessed with the Cottage Rose and the Solstice colors. Wildbird has several fabric options, and for new slingers, I  would recommend modal (so soft) or the single linen fabrics. Double linen slings are better for more experienced baby wearers or those with bigger babies/toddlers!

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see I  post photos wearing Winnie (and old photos/videos wearing Lucy) all the time! Here’s a story highlight that includes tutorials on how to use the wraps and ring sling!


WATER BOTTLE – it’s super important to drink water, especially for breastfeeding! Of course, water is good for you even when you’re not postpartum haha. I  always have a water bottle (or two) nearby!

CHAPSTICK – my lips get so chapped! I use Laneige Lip Sleep Mask religiously, especially at night. I  also love Glossier’s Balm Dotcom and keep one in every bag!

VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS – I’m continuing to take my prenatal vitamins, probiotics (for gut health), fish oil (for heart health and omega-3’s — good for baby!), biotin (for healthy skin, nails and hair), Vitamin C (for overall immune system) and now I’m also taking these milk production supplements

WRIST BRACE – I’ve been experiencing pretty uncomfortable carpal tunnel at the end of pregnancy and even worse since Winnie was born. It’s especially bad in the middle of the night and in early mornings. I  ordered these wrist braces to wear at night and have noticed (after two nights) that they seem to help the numbing/tingling feeling in my fingers and hands after wearing.


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