Planning a Puppy Party: The Decor

I’ve received so many questions and positive feedback on the girls’ puppy party and wanted to do deep dive blog posts about different elements of the party! Today – I’m chatting all about decor from the party! You can find my original puppy party blog post here, and blog posts about the adopt a puppy activity here and food and dessert here.


The food and the adopt-a-puppy activity really was the the main ‘decor’ elements of the party.  I had this customized Adopt a Puppy sign printed in a large size and outside of the adoption station. I also swapped out the print above the dessert table with a photo I love of Lucy and Winnie! 💛 I  had these cute Glitter Pom Pom Party Hats and Sequined Mini Party Hats on display, which also doubled as another party favor.

We had rose gold Let’s Pawty Balloons above the bed near the adoption station and picked up some other balloons from Party City. I also ordered these Walking Dog Balloons which were very on theme, too!

The gold glitter star banner was a couple bucks at Target. Other than that, I hung this colorful Happy Birthday Banner (that I’ve had since Lucy’s 1st birthday!) on our family room fireplace, with two little stuffed dogs in party hats on top of the mantle. 🐾


Stuffed Dogs: Corgi, Golden Doodle, Husky, Brown Dog

Adopt a Puppy Sign & Adoption Certificate Printables

Dog Party Table Tent Printable

Glitter Pom Pom Party Hats

Sequined Mini Party Hats

Mini Popcorn Cups

Set of 5 Dog Candles

Puppy Dog Plates

Let’s Pawty Balloons

Walking Dog Balloons

Dog Bubble Party Favors

Dog Party Plates

Dog Party Napkins

Bone Cookie Cutter

Assorted Dog Stickers

Happy Birthday Banner


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