Planning a Puppy Party: Food & Dessert

Lucy and Winnie’s ‘Adopt a Puppy Party’ continues to be one of my top posts and I  always get a lot of questions about how I  put the party together! I’m going to share a few new blog posts recapping different elements of the party. Today – I’m chatting all about the dog-themed food + dessert tables! You can find my original puppy party blog post here, and blog posts about the adopt a puppy activity here and decor here.


I decided to really lean into the puppy-theme and have fun with it the food! I  wrote the name of everything on these cute Dog Party Table Tents (which feature four different dog illustrations). We had these Dog Party Plates and Dog Party Napkins on the food table too. Here’s the menu:

‘Ruff-age’ Veggie Cups – small cups with ranch dressing in bottom, topped with celery, carrots and red peppers

Pesto Paw-sta Salad – homemade pesto pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and mozzerella

Fetch Sticks – pretzel rods

Pup-corn – bagged popcorn in these Mini Popcorn Cups

Bone-Shaped Rice Krispies – we made traditional Rice Krispy treats, cut them into bone shapes using this Bone Cookie Cutter, and dipped the ends in icing and sprinkles!

Barkuterie Board – simple cheese and cracker plate featuring a variety of cubed cheese and different crackers

Fruit Kibble – a huge rainbow plate of strawberries, clementines, pineapple, grapes, and blueberries


We ordered a 100 pack of assorted Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes (‘pupcakes’) for guests. I first had these at a friend’s party and they were SO yummy and since they are so small, people can try different types! You order them online, and they ship on the day you select and you can keep them in the freezer until 30 minutes before you want to eat. It was SO easy and a huge hit! We only had 3 left after the party!

I  also picked up two simple sprinkled mini cakes from Whole Foods for the girls for singing happy birthday. I put these Cute Dog Candles  on top! The sprinkle cakes were $7 (!! each) and were just available right from case. I’ve ordered cakes from Whole Foods for all birthdays and been very pleased! For Winnie’s 1st Birthday and Lucy’s 1st Birthday Party , I  ordered custom ombre cakes and they were so yummy, looked incredible, and were very affordable.


Dog Party Table Tents

Dog Party Plates

Dog Party Napkins

Dog Candles 

Mini Popcorn Cups


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