for my roommates

today i want to talk about roommates. for the first time since high school, i won’t have roommates later this year.  i’ll be starting a new home with E which i’m totally excited about, but thinking about roommates recently has made me feel really sappy and emotional and thankful all at once.

i remember driving down to ohio university as a wide-eyed 18-year-old ready for her freshman year of college. i had never met paige, who was my random roommate in the dorm, but we were texting the entire trip to school. fast forward eight {!!} years, and paige is one of my very best friends – literally like a sister. we’ve been through a lot together throughout the years and even though we don’t talk every day or see each other frequently, nothing has changed. the other three years of college, i lived with an amazing friend, my partner in crime, tess. we had so much fun together and would literally everything together. then senior year, tess and i lived with ashley, britton and amber in something fondly called the diva palace. it was a huge, run-down college house where we squeezed all five of us in and had the best year ever.we would spend sunday nights all doing homework in the living room and share clothes and go out together and run errands together and pick each other up from downtown or the library in what we called “the diva taxi.”  i have a very special place in my heart for my college roommates; we’ve literally seen each other at our best and truly at our worst. college was a formative time; a time where a lot of mistakes were made and a lot of lessons were learned and a lot of wild, silly, sweet memories happened. i’m so thankful for so many people from college, but especially my roommates.

the past three years in san francisco, i’ve lived with aimee and rob {see photo above from friendsgiving}. aimee is one of my best friends from OU; we’ve been friends since our first day freshman year {met at kinkos!}. rob is a friend-of-a-friend turned one of my best friends since we’ve gotten to know each other much more over time. i love living with both of them so much and even though we are usually all out doing our own thing these days, i love those unplanned nights when we are all home at the same time. they are genuinely excited when i’m excited and sad when i’m sad and would drop anything, anytime if i sent a “having a terrible day. wine at home together?” text. they know my family and i know their families and it’s really cool to be apart of each others life – through job changes, health scares, relationship ups and downs, everything. i have so much fun with them, of course, but our friendship has evolved into a deeper, more adult-like relationship in other ways. i never expected that i would live with friends after college and that i would live alone or with random roommates. i’m so thrilled i’ve had the opposite experience and get to live with two of my closest friends.

when you’re not near home, whether at college or across the country or whatever, the people you surround yourself with are extra important. yes, i have so many amazing friends who i never have/don’t currently live with, but there’s this weird bond and love i feel for past and present roommates. in each of their own ways, they’ve become at some point or another family to me. they are my people, my home team. if you’re lucky enough to have roommates, whatever phase of life you’re in, soak it up. enjoy the opportunity of coming home to your people and even the occasional argument about who was supposed to take the trash out or wash the dishes. embrace the lots-of-people-all-in-one-place-ness and the sharing of everything and the hilarious saturday mornings together.

to my current and past roommates, i love you! thank you for making me a better person and being your extraordinary, awesome selves. xo

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