some of my favorite rugs from rugs usa

One of my go-to spots for affordable rugs is Rugs USA. This post is not sponsored — I  just get asked a lot about rugs in our home, so thought I’d do a dedicated post about different rugs we have and others I love! Anyway, Rugs USA is my usual go-to because you really can’t beat the quality for the price. In the phase of life we’re in, I  don’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive rugs from overpriced places like West Elm or CB2 and worry about them getting ruined. With kids and a dog, we spend a lot of time sitting and playing on the floor and that means the inevitable coffee spill, cracker crumbles, mud marks, etc. I  honestly get most of our rugs from online retailer like Rugs USA or buy vintage rugs. Rugs USA is also where I  recommend many of my interior design clients buy rugs from if they have kids because you won’t feel bad if the rug gets ruined or if you need to replace after a year or so. All of the rugs I’ve had have lasted much longer than that, though! Here’s several of the rugs from Rugs USA that we own or have owned, plus a few other options I love!

Rugs We Own/Have Owned

Gray Moroccan Trellis Area Rug

This is one of the most popular rugs on their site and for good reason — it’s a great neutral and comes in tons of colors and sizes. It adds a hint of bohemian flair to the room without being a ‘statement’ rug if that makes sense. We had the off white + grey one and used it in our living space and bedroom.


Pink Kids Bohemian Diamond Trellis Shag Area Rug

This is the rug we have in the girls’ room and one that I  get complimented on and asked about ALL the time! It adds such a playful, modern element to the space. It’s truly the best playroom or kids bedroom rug, as it’s colorful and soft. We’ve had this rug for two years and it’s in great shape and honestly, I’ll probably just buy the exact same rug again if something happens to the current one. We’re obsessed!


Black Shaggy Moroccan Lattice Fringe Area Rug

Such a fun one! This rug is more of a statement rug and adds such fun texture and dimension to any space.


Gray Block Printed Cotton Flatweave Varied Bands Area Rug

We had this flatweave rug in our dining room for a long time and loved it. If you can’t tell from the rugs I’m sharing…I’m sort of into the bohemian vibe but again this one isn’t overly boho. The flatweave makes it easy to clean and perfect for a dining space, but I  have a friend who has the same rug in her living room too!


Off White Tribal Moroccan Tassel Area Rug

We had this rug in our living room for a long time until we had an unfortunate fireplace cleaning incident where the rug got stained. This Moroccan-inspired rug is soft and fluffy and really makes a great backdrop for anything else in the space, allowing you to decorate in any way you want without worrying about the rug clashing.


Blue Moroccan Diamonds Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This is the rug we have on our back deck, and I’ve had friends buy the same rug and love it as much as we do! It holds up great in the rain (we leave it out year round) and is easy to sweep as needed. The blue color is gorgeous!


Other Rugs I Love!

Ivory Diamond Textured Trellis Tassel Area Rug

I  LOOOVE this rug! Such a gorgeous, simple rug that would look good in really any space. The texture and tassel detailing make it not so plain and boring.

Gray Shaded Shag With Tassels Area Rug

Simple, gray shag rug. Perfect for a playroom or kids space!

Gray Diamond Shag Area Rug

Similar to the shag rug I  shared above, but a little more simple and minimal.

Distressed Persian Area Rug

This one comes in a lot of colors! I  personally like the brown and gray ones for a simple neutral. It’s a knockoff vintage Persian rug for a fraction of the cost.

This rug reminds me of the traditional handira Moroccan wedding blanket, but in rug form! Great texture and just a fun rug!

Natural Jute Braided Area Rug

Jute rugs make for a great layering piece, especially if you have a smaller vintage rug on top. Rather than have a ‘too-small’ rug in a room, put a jute rug under a rug you already have and love for a layered effect.


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