reflections: when the news feels scary

The news feels scary and sad and the weight of the world is heavy — wars and natural disasters and tragedy and sickness and loss and so much bad news. Everyone seems to be arguing and debating and taking sides and it sort of feels like walking on eggshells because you’ll make someone upset by what you do or say but also what you *don’t* do or say. When I feel overwhelmed by it all and that my anxiety might crush me, I try to take a step back and look around.

I look around at my daughters — dancing and blowing bubbles and giggling and reading books together — and I am reminded of innocence, joy, hope.

I look around at my house — dishes stacked in the sink and art supplies scattered on the table and fingerprints on the mirror and laundry to put away — and I am reminded of stability, safety, home.

I look around at the people in my life — my husband, sisters, parents, friends, neighbors, babysitters, our mailman, the girls’ teachers, etc — and I am reminded of community, love, connection.

I look around outside — the sun is shining and flowers are growing and birds are singing — and I am reminded of beauty, renewal, peace.

This doesn’t mean I pretend that devastation and pain and trauma don’t exist. It doesn’t mean I ignore what’s going on outside of my home and *only* focus on what directly affects myself and my family. It doesn’t mean I won’t donate or share resources or have tough conversations. Not at all. But rather than let all of the bad news and scary headlines and hurt and sadness consume me, I choose to take a deep breath and look around in those moments first. ✨

Taking inventory of what’s in front of me — so much good — grounds me and shifts my perspective and recharges me. Life, right in front of me, is such a magnificent gift. 💛


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