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I started curating and selling textiles after a very inspiring trip to Marrakesh, Morocco in Fall 2019. During the trip, I spent countless hours wandering the souk, searching for treasures, and soaking in the beauty around every corner. Wandering around Marrakesh was this strange pull of the senses; there was so much color and beauty and liveliness but it was all situated amidst simplicity. Things weren’t curated to look perfect, but instead were imperfectly perfect in their own way. It was magical. I was especially drawn to the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and stunning textures of the textiles I found, and I was amazed by the fact that each piece has its own unique story. I was also inspired by the versatility of the pieces, that most textiles were upcycled using existing materials like vintage rugs, and that women primarily were the ones crafting these textiles, often a skill passed down from generation to generation.

After days of wandering, I picked out the many gorgeous textiles for my own home. On a whim, shortly after arriving home, I decided to do a little creative experiment and started selling textiles to others! I wanted to share my passion for beautiful homewares and enable others special pieces like this in their home too. I first released 50 pillows and since, my business has grown and I’ve been able to curate and sell hundreds of Moroccan pillows, floor cushions, blankets, baskets, and more. Everything in my shop is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and hand-picked by me.

Travel has always been something that we’ve been passionate about and prioritized, even with small children. There’s nothing quite like exploring a new place, immersing yourself in a new culture, and discovering a new way of being during your travels. I’ve always said that the textiles in my shop are ‘travel-inspired.’ If you can’t travel across the world to pick something out yourself, I hope that the items you find in my shop give you the feeling of having a one-of-a-kind treasure, selected with love, and transported to your living room.
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Kilim pillows made from vintage, authentic kilim rugs.

Cactus silk pillows are made from hand-loom silk fibers locally called “Sabra.” Each pillow features a handwoven pattern on the front, hand-braided, corded satin stitching with a sun bleached appearance

Boujad pillows are made from vintage boujad rugs, which are hand woven, pile rugs from the Haouz region of Morocco

Beni ourain pillows are made from beni ourain rugs. They are thick and fluffy wool pile rugs that are handmade in the Moroccan Atlas mountain region.

Boucherouite pillows are made from boucherouite rugs, also known as rag rugs. They are very colorful and made from wool and recycled fabric.

Mud Cloth pillows are made from hand-dyed cloth from fermented mud. The cloth is dried in the sun, with artisans hand painting intricate patterns on the cloth.

Other – often cotton pillows with pom pom detailing


The pillow insert is NOT included with your order. I recommend ordering a pillow insert that is 1-2” larger than the pillow itself so the pillow looks full and fluffy. For example, an 18×18” pillow would need a 20×20” insert; a 12×16” pillow would need a 14×18” insert. It won’t always be perfect or exactly 1-2 inches bigger, but the point is to try to get an insert that is slightly bigger than the pillow cover itself.

Here’s a link to several pillow inserts on Amazon that I recommend (which is also linked on every product page). A few other great spots for pillow inserts are IKEA ($) and Crate and Barrel ($$)


Floor cushions (also called poufs) add a bohemian flair to any space, and can be used as floor seating, pet beds, ottomans, coffee tables (just add a sturdy tray on top!), and more! I have two types of floor cushions in my shop – round leather floor cushions and what I call ‘rug cushions’ (as they are made from vintage rugs).

Round floor cushions are made from 100% genuine leather and come in a variety of colors – white, natural, light tan, tan, black. They are approx. 12” (H) x 20” (D) in size.

The rug cushions available in my shop are handmade from vintage kilim, boujad and beni ourain rugs. Every one is completely different. Some are a flat weave, some are fluffy and thick. Some are bright and colorful, some are muted and neutral. I promise you won’t find anything like the floor cushions in my shop! Most are approx. 2′ x 2′ x 10” in size.

Here’s a few examples:


I recommend filling your poufs with spare household textiles. A few ideas: towels, blankets, bedding, pillows, out-of-season clothing, sleeping bags, curtains, bath mats, coats, old baby blankets. This is how most Moroccans stuff poufs in their own home and also is much more environmentally conscious!

Another option is buying a filling like this memory foam filling (make sure you put it in small bags rather than straight into your pouf) or poly-fill stuffing from a craft store.

Make sure to fill your floor cushion as much as you can! You want it to be full, as it looks and functions better when it’s very full. When a pouf isn’t full enough, it looks saggy and loose. Pay attention to the corners for the large rug floor cushions and for the round leather cushions, make sure you are distributing your stuffing evenly to maintain the circle shape.


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