some thoughts on jeans

I’m wearing the jeans I bought a couple weeks postpartum after having Lucy a couple years ago. My pre-pregnancy jeans didn’t fit; these were two sizes up from my “normal” size. They have since been coined my “postpartum jeans.” Except now, one year after having my second child, these fit me better than my “normal” jeans. Normal being what I used to fit into pre-babies. And what I fit into after babies at one point or another. But now – I think these jeans are my new normal. And that’s okay.

It’s okay if your body fluctuates and changes.

It’s okay if you don’t fit into what you used to.

It’s okay if you have to buy a different size of pants. In fact, you’ll probably feel a lot better and more comfortable in something that fits you right now.

It’s okay if you never “bounce back” after having a baby. (I hate that phrase and expectation/pressure).

It’s ironic that the same societal pressure that measures success based on the MORE and BIGGER of everything (bank account, home size, social media followers, etc.) also expects and values women when they are LESS and SMALLER in physical size. Let’s reject that. We are not defined by numbers. We are enough, just the way we are.

Thank goodness our worth and value has nothing to do with the size of our jeans. 💛

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