bathroom refresh with wayfair & giveaway!

Wayfair & Home Dynamix Bathroom Refresh

thank you wayfair for partnering with me on this post & giveaway!

i’ve said this before, but our apartment is a constant work in progress. i’m always looking to tweak, improve and re-energize the space with just the right additions, whether it’s updated pillows for the chaise or couch, swapping out photos in frames or finding a perfect new plant. there’s one space that often doesn’t get as many fancy tweaks and seasonal updates compared to the rest of the apartment: our bathroom.

if you’ve been to our apartment, you understand why the bathroom isn’t a big focus in terms of decorating or updating because literally – it’s SO small. our entire apartment is probably like 800 square feet and the bathroom is a super tiny corner of that. there’s not really space for fun (and functional) additions like shelving or larger plants (boo!) but one easy way to refresh the space is with new bath linens and displaying small things like candles and pretty lotions.

wayfair recently sent me this new bath linens set – a white, fluffy pinnacle chenille bath mat and set of plush towels – and i’m loving the way they look in the space and feel. given the bathroom is *so* small, i always try to keep lighter gray or white towels in the room because a darker shade would make the small cave-like bathroom feel even smaller. to make the bathroom feel a little brighter and better, I display my a candle, and some pretty lotions and perfumes on the window sill and top of the toilet. i also recently added some (small) greenery to make the bathroom flow into the rest of the apartment (we have lots of plants – my goal is for it to be a jungle in our tiny apartment!).

check out more photos of the bathroom below!

even though the bathroom is tiny, i want it to feel like a mini oasis if at all possible! one of my absolute favorite ways to unwind is by taking a bubble bath. i usually have a cup of tea or glass of wine, a book or magazine to read and add a bath bomb to the water (the ones pictured below are from williams-sonoma but i also love everything from LUSH). having good, fluffy towels (like my new set from wayfair!) to use post-bath are always important because the apartment always feels so cold compared to hot bubble bath water!

now for the fun part, i’m hosting a GIVEAWAY! i’m giving away the exact same bath set pictured to one lucky winner. you will receive a 7-piece bath linens set from home dynamix (includes two large towels, two hand towels, two washcloths and one bath mat). to enter to win, simply comment below, letting me know if you’re a shower person or a bubble bath guy/gal. as mentioned earlier, i’m definitely a bath person, but prefer showers in specific situations like right after a work out. this contest closes on friday, april 8.

Wayfair & Home Dynamix Bathroom Refresh 5e939471-8efb-482f-99cd-0cdf427ad205 Wayfair & Home Dynamix Bathroom Refresh Wayfair & Home Dynamix Bathroom Refresh

and if you’re looking to refresh YOUR bathroom, check out the home dynamix collection and see wayfair’s huge selection of bath linens here!
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10 thoughts on “bathroom refresh with wayfair & giveaway!

  1. Ander! Love this post! Having been a guest in your apartment + having showered in your lovely bathroom, I do have to say…it’s quite the little hide-a-way:) I adore baths, especially after a good long run with a nice hot cup of coffee! XO!

  2. The Wayfair products make your bathroom look amazing!! I’m usually a shower person, since there isn’t a lot of time, but love to bubble bath it every once in awhile! 🙂

  3. I love these Ander! I’m definitely more of a shower girl, but then again…it’s because our bathtub at home is questionable.

    Anyway, love this post and the home dynamix set looks beautiful!