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This post is sponsored by Wayfair, a brand I’ve partnered with and shopped from for years. Thanks for reading! 

I’ve shared peeks at our bedroom a couple times, mostly on Instagram and most recently in this long blog post talking about our upstairs renovation. When we started our upstairs renovation in November 2019, the plan was for this area to be our guest bedroom, but we quickly loved it so much that we made it our room instead. Here’s what it this space looked like as a guest bedroom! This upstairs is very multifunctional; we have a dormer window office nook, a small living area, our exercise/Peloton area, and our bathroom. Most recently, I  made small but impactful updates to our bedroom to make it feel even cozier and look a little more refined. Some small decor tweaks really do go a long way!

So this has officially been our bedroom space since May 2020, but in January 2021, I really started making this feel like OUR space and I love it so much more! We’ve had this bed for almost two years now; it’s from Wayfair ( ‘George Oliver Binns Wood Platform Bed’) but unfortunately. This one is kind of similar! We’ve had a few different rugs up here, but most recently moved this gorgeous fluffy rug up here. It used to be in our family room, but given the texture/material, does better is a lower trafficked area of the house. We love it up here (and there are much less kids cracker crumbs on it now!). The nightstands we’ve also had for awhile. They are fairly simple and not *the* best quality, but work for us. I  ordered these pretty wall sconces that make the nightstand area feel so much less busy and really frame the bed nicely. I love that the black and brass detailing ties into other elements of the space. On the wall, I  have a Big Sur art print. It makes me happy every time I  see it because Big Sur was where we got engaged and a very special place to both of us! 💛

The nightstand situation really needed some work. Before, they were pretty cluttered with books and water bottles and lamps (before we swapped for wall sconces) and just…stuff. I wanted the nightstands to look a little more polished and I  love how this marble tray allows me to stay organized, also looks good at the same time. In the marble tray, I  have a diffuser and also keep my chapstick, glasses, and other bedtime essentials. I  have a stack of pretty books and journals too. On Eric’s nightstand, it’s a little more simple. He has a pretty plant and then I  added these pretty gold candlesticks to add a little height and dimension to this corner.

I  also keep this stunning Moroccan wedding blanket on our bed and love how it adds pretty texture and color! I  was supposed to sell it in my shop but….can’t seem to let it go! I  layered a large bolster pillow in front of mud loth pillows (also from shop). In the corner across from our bed we recently upgraded and got a TV for our room (!!). This feels like THE ultimate luxury; before I  only watched TV in bed when staying in a hotel. We got the smallest size of the Frame TV with tan bezel and added a simple mirror and some plants in front.

We are so happy with this little space in our home. It feels so much like *us* and the small but mighty decor tweaks really go a long way to make it feel more cozy and beautiful. ✨




Throw Blanket

Mudcloth Pillows

Bolster Pillow



Marble Tray

Gold Candlesticks

Frame TV

Big Sur Art Print



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