taking stock

Making: plans
Cooking: blackberry and plum crumble {last night}
Drinking: coffee. lots of it.
Reading: various cookbooks and the moment maker
Wanting: for it to be thursday!
Looking: {currently} outside, {as a whole} for peace
Playing: outside as much as i can
Wasting: the second half of my cup of coffee
Sewing: nothing
Wishing: it was the weekend
Enjoying: sunshine pouring through the windows
Waiting: for what comes next
Liking: my new cell phone case {this one!}
Wondering: how tough pilates will be tonight
Loving: family and friends
Hoping: in what’s to come
Marveling: at how quickly things happen
Needing: lunch
Smelling: peonies!
Wearing: leather top, bright floral skirt and heels
Following: @justinslens’ travel adventures in thailand
Noticing: how many really good people i’m surrounded by daily
Knowing: i am loved by Love itself
Thinking: about my sisters
Bookmarking: apartment therapy and shauna niequist’s blog
Opening: new doors
Giggling: about puppy instagram accounts
Feeling: content/excited/cheerful/reflective

{photo via paul octavious, blog post inspired by this taking stock post