The Kids School Uniform Guide

Hi friends! I  can’t believe Lucy will be starting KINDERGARTEN next month! Obviously, there are a lot of big changes and adjustments with that and one of them is…school uniforms! Our school (within the Metro Nashville Public School system) follows ‘Standard Student Attire’ (SSA). It sounds like every school is a little different, but basically, at her school, she needs to wear a solid-colored top with a collar and khaki, black, or navy bottoms. She CAN also wear dresses, whether that’s a collared solid dress or a jumper with a collared shirt underneath. It sounds like kids can layer sweatshirts and sweaters over their collared shirt, and we have plenty of those already.

Getting my kids dressed and expressing ourselves creatively through what we wear brings me a lot of joy, so Lucy and I  have been working together to find school uniform items that fit the dress code and that she likes! She’s always loved dresses and skirts and told me NO PANTS so…we’re going in that direction at least for now. We’re also going to be adding some personality to her outfits through accessories like socks, tights, hair clips, shoes, etc.

In case you’re shopping for school uniforms, I wanted to share a few ideas and things we’ve purchased! One huge perk is that everything is under $20 (and most of it is $10-15!).


Ruffle Polo Shirt  (available in single or multi-packs!). We got this polo in several colors including pink, light purple, bright pink, light blue, dark green, gray, and navy blue.

Cat & Jack Short Sleeve Polo Shirt – comes in 10+ colors! We grabbed a few!

Old Navy Polo Shirt – available in lots of colors and in regular and plus sizes for kids.

Long Sleeve Ruffle Polo Shirt– I ordered a two-pack of long-sleeve white polos, but you can get a single polo shirt in basically every color imaginable!


Pull-on Jeggings (available in single or 2-pack in regular, slim, and plus sizes). Lucy is pretty anti-pants right now so we only have one pair (for now) and will order more if she decides she likes wearing those better!


Pleated Skort – available in single or 2-pack. I got the 2-pack – one navy and one khaki. There are a few khaki color variations if you buy a single!

Pleated Button Skort

Side Slit Performance Skort (in khaki and navy)

Gap Uniform Skort


Polo Dress  – we got this in several colors. Lucy wants to wear the bright pink color on her first day!

Old Navy Polo Dress

Gap Uniform Dress, comes in khaki and navy.

Gap Jumper, comes in khaki and navy.

Old Navy Uniform Dress(single, comes in black, navy, and khaki) or Uniform Dress (2-pack comes in navy or khaki)

Cat & Jack Navy Jumper with button details.


Ruffle Socks Set


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