throw pillow combinations and styling ideas

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As you may know by now, I launched my own textile shop last fall. It started by releasing about 50 pillows that I  sourced from Morocco and almost a year later, I’ve sold hundreds of pillows, floor cushions/poufs, blankets, and more! It’s been such a rewarding (and challenging) creative project and I have learned A LOT.

Today, I wanted to share a few random pillow combination ideas and styling tips! Throw pillows are one of the easiest (and often least expensive) ways to change up a room and add a pop of color or texture.

Throw Pillow Combinations & Styling Tips:

  • Don’t overthink it! When in doubt, just start putting pillows next to each other and keep playing around with the combinations until you love it.
  • Make sure you have the right pillow insert! You want the insert to be 1-2 inches BIGGER than the pillow cover itself. This ensures the pillow is fluffy and full and doesn’t look like a flat pancake!
  • When mixing pillows – have a common ‘theme’. Often I will try to keep color scheme in mind. So, the pattern/texture doesn’t need to be the same, but let the color cohesively tie the combo together. Or, I  will do a group of pillows that have similar textures/patterns, but in different colors. As long as one element is cohesive (whether color, pattern, texture) you should be good to go.

Furniture Specific Throw Pillow Styling Tips:

  • In the middle of bed, place two similar pillows of the same size next to each other (either same pattern or same color scheme)
  • In the middle of bed, layer three pillows into a triangle – so the two in the back of the triangle are the same pattern and the one in the front (tip of triangle) is different
  • For an accent chair, find one pillow, taking into consideration the size of the chair itself. You don’t want the pillow to overpower the chair! Often, square pillows 18×18″ or smaller or small lumbar pillows work best.
  • For a bench, I prefer to have one lumbar pillow, but depending on the size of the bench, you can also do two or three pillows arranged slightly layered together in a row
  • For the couch, consider size of pillow. I often will layer a larger pillow with a slightly smaller one in front of it.
  • For leather couches — I  prefer white/cream colored pillows or brightly colored pillows, such as greens, blues, and pinks. I  would avoid browns and oranges clashing with the leather color.

Types of Moroccan Throw Pillows:

  • Kilim pillows made from vintage, authentic kilim rugs. You can find many colorful kilim pillows in my shop here.
  • Cactus silk pillows are made from hand-loom silk fibers locally called “Sabra.” Each pillow features a handwoven pattern on the front, hand-braided, corded satin stitching with a sun bleached appearance. You can find cactus silk pillows in tons of different colors and sizes in my shop here.
  • Boujad pillows are made from vintage boujad rugs, which are hand woven, pile rugs from the Haouz region of Morocco. You can find some boujad pillows in my shop here.

You can shop my textile collection HERE.



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