thursday thankful list

happy thursday friends! hope you’re having a lovely week.

i recently read one of ann voskamp’s awesome blog posts and this quote jumped out at me: “thanksgiving is always for the audacious and the courageous and grace is always for the risky.” i get it. we all have bad days and stressful jobs and hurtful things happen to us. most of the time, it feels easier to be cynical and unimpressed and grouchy. to be thankful, to live each day out of true thanksgiving, it takes a step of courage and it takes living audaciously. the ones who pursue joy and thankfulness are the ones who are going against the norm looking for the good. today, i encourage you to be one of them.

here’s just a few things i’m thankful for today:
early morning flights to nyc
getting to the end of the day and realizing i drank a lot of water!
chocolate granola {nature’s path love crunch is my current favorite}
rolling green hills hitting blue skies
sweet texts before bed
orange and yellow and red leaves
dark purple manicures
singing in the car
people who arrive on time {interesting read on the topic of lateness}
wearing lots and lots of layers
insanely beautiful 5pm sunsets
afternoon cappuccinos
flowers sitting in the window
sending birthday cards in the mail
hilarious halloween costumes
a brand new journal
feeling content
green juice {a simple spinach + kale + celery + apple + ginger lately}
discovering alycia’s blog!
holiday planning

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