thursday thankful list


wow! i haven’t done a thursday thankful list in a realllllly long time. i actually haven’t been blogging as much period, but i want to stay in the habit of sharing publicly what i’m thankful for.

here’s what i’m thankful for today!

spending time at the bowling green city pool when i was in ohio last week!
having a job and coworkers that i love
being able to try on my wedding dress in front of my mom and sisters
speaking on a career panel for a nonprofit i’m passionate about, new door ventures
bubble baths
having someone pick me up {and drop me off} at the airport super late
feeling sore after a good workout
shauna niequist’s beautiful SAVOR devotional
the insanely warm weather in san francisco lately
prayer {it changes everything}
hand holding
being featured on my lovely friend stephanie’s blog!
this quote from one of my very favorite books: “we accept the love we think we deserve.”
kindness from strangers
kindness from friends
homemade granola from the farmer’s market {thankful and obsessed}
discovering new cute/cool spots in SF {here’s some of my favorite places!}
that my sisters are visiting SF next week!!

tell me – what are you thankful for today? more thursday thankful lists HERE!

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