I have a thing for tulip pedestal tables

When you like something…you like something! Apparently, I  have a thing for tulip / pedestal tables whether it’s a dining table or accent table! I  like to say its a reoccurring theme in our house. Tulip (or pedestal) tables are “a wide, round, flat base that quickly tapered into a ‘stem’ of sorts; topped with thin, round or oval surfaces wider than their base” according to House Beautiful. I  love that they don’t take up as much space – literally and visually and add a modern flair to our (quite old) home.

Here’s the ones we have and love!

2 Piece Concrete Pedestal Accent Table Set

I have this adorable concrete accent table set in our living room and I LOVE it! I love how they can be easily moved around depending on what the girls are doing or where people are sitting. They are so chic! Here’s a gorgeous, slightly more expensive set that I  was originally going to get until I  found a more affordable option (and quicker shipping)!

Marble Top Dining Table

This round tulip table was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased in our house! I still love it, 2.5 years later! It fits our kitchen nook perfectly and has held up great! This is a really special area of our home that is used all day, every day. We eat most of our meals here, color and paint and read and do all the things with the girls right in this sunshine-y spot.

Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

I  waited months for this outdoor concrete table to arrive and it was WORTH THE WAIT! I  love love love it! We are hopefully going to be adding an outdoor rug out here, which will make the area even more cozy and when the weather warms up, we’ll move more plants out here too!

Large Round Tulip Table with Marble Top

Clearly I  like our kitchen tulip table a lot because I swapped out our dining table for an almost exact version (except larger). Before, we had a rectangle table and I  love how the round table makes the area feel so much more spacious! I found this marble top tulip table at Nadeau, a travel-inspired regional furniture store. Originally, I  was planning to bite the bullet and get this pedestal table from West Elm but then found this gem at Nadeau, which was much more affordable, and a better size for this space. I  LOVE it!


Here’s a few other tulip pedestal tables that look super cute (including the ones we have!)


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