What makes you happpy?

Have you ever thought about the things that make you happy? Awhile ago, I watched Happy – A Documentary Trailer and absolutely need to see the full documentary. It shares what truly, really, honestly makes people happy {it’s not money or “success” at work, hint hint}. I would describe myself as a generally happy person, but here’s five ways I strive to continue being happy daily.

1. Spending quality time. It makes me truly happy to be around who make me a better person, make me laugh and love me unconditionally. I’m blessed with family and friends that, while not perfect, makes me radiate with joy. I need to start spending MORE time with these people and thanking them for the impact they have on my life.
2. Challenging myself and exploring often. I typically feel unhappy when I’m stuck or not doing things that are mentally, emotionally and physically stimulating. This means mixing up my daily routines, making travel a priority and being open to new experiences.
3. Taking care of myself. It can be easy to put other people first – which can be a good thing until you leave your own mind and body neglected. I am happy when I am eating healthy, hitting the gym a few days per week, taking walks and treating my body like a temple.
4. Making a difference. I find happiness from being part of something larger than myself, including volunteering and supporting various nonprofits. I also feel happy writing and using my Polish My Crown as a catalyst to encourage people to live their lives in the best way possible.
5. Learning. Something I love to do is learn – from books, from articles, from classes, from other people. I’ve been trying to read more books {and less tweets/Facebook posts!} and I’ve realized just how happy reading makes me. Finishing a good book is such an amazing feeling! I also want to grab coffee or tea with people I look up to – to pick their brain and learn from them.

What makes you happy?

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One thought on “What makes you happpy?

  1. Although there are several things I am thankful for there will always be three things that remain at the top of my list: my awesome family, a warm home to live in and most importantly the person I have become over the last 18 years.