woman game-changer: my mom

my mom, luna game-changer

when LUNA bar asked me to celebrate their LUNAFEST campaign and share a story of a woman game-changer in my life, i immediately said yes. i love sharing about inspiring and passionate women in my inspiring women series and i love highlighting products, brands and campaigns that are empowering individuals and changing the world in my launch i love seriesLUNAFEST is a film festival happening currently that celebrates films by, for and about women who are game-changers. the purpose is two-fold: to support and nurture the inspiring and often unsung work of talented women filmmakers and to raise funds and awareness for causes that help, empower and give a voice to women from all walks of life. while both are important and truly awesome, the second one really resonated with me. i’m passionate about also supporting causes and campaigns that support and celebrate women and love having the opportunity to share about individuals i look up to, so this is really right up my alley and think it might be up yours too!

so, on to my game-changer story…in a blog post three years ago, i shared how different women defined success. my mom’s answer was: making a difference in the world around me by representing Christ well and helping and influencing people. and that is exactly what she does. to be honest, i don’t know that many people who are actually living out of their life mission in a real, tangible way like she is.

my mom was a stay at home mom throughout my entire childhood and during my freshmen year of college, she decided to follow her dream and her calling and go back to school to get her Masters in family counseling. over the last six years, she’s had three years of school, an extended internship/practicum, a two year full-time job at a high-stress, intense mental health clinic and early this year, jumped ship to do her own thing. she felt called to open her own christian counseling office in our hometown to help youth, adults and families. after several setbacks and other drama, she opened mighty oak christian counseling about a year ago and her business continues to grow and help so many individuals and families in my small hometown community.

in my opinion, my mom is a game-changer. she changed the course of her life by opting to go back to school at 40-something, decided to take a leap and quit her stable counseling clinic job to start her own business. she’s continuing to grow her business while constantly meeting with other people not as a counselor, but as a mentor and friend. literally, i have several friends who go to her for advice, coffee dates and life chats to soak up her wisdom and loving advice. she’s also a game-changer because as a counselor, she’s impacting and helping other people heal from grief, loss or confusion and walk down the path to newness and restoration. i’m thankful to have her as a role model, friend, advocate, a leader in my hometown community and most importantly, as my mom. that’s her up there in the photo, admiring the beautiful glowing sunset at big sur during her last visit to california.

unfortunately, i just missed the san francisco LUNAFEST screening but loved watching the trailer and can’t wait to check out the full films celebrating other female game changers. 100% of all proceeds from LUNAFEST also supports charity: 15% going to Breast Cancer Fund and the other 85% going directly back to the local community where the individual events are hosted.

now i want to hear from you: who is a woman game-changer in your life? and make sure to check to see if there’s a LUNAFEST screening in your city!

*today’s post is sponsored by LUNA. thanks for reading and thanks to LUNA for the opportunity to participate and share!